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 Bar Adjustments from 2" to any opening required in 2" increments 

Recessed lower grizzly bar support allows material to flow off the screen deck without  damage.

This is truly an EXTREME separator with the ability to screen larger material than ever before


  • Grizzly bar openings from 2" to any opening required in 2" increments. Largest recommended deck bar opening 30"

  • Maximum recommended material size 48"

  • There is no standard grizzly bar opening for this model. The grizzly bar spacing required determines the number of grizzly bars supplied.

  • 14 Ft. Wide  x 10 Ft. High  x  8' 5" Ft. Deep

  • Weight determined by number of grizzly bars.



  • Spacer Box

  • Side Wings

  • 14 Ft. / 17 Ft. / 20 Ft. Widths 


Contact us anytime and let us help you determine which Rock Tough separator will best suit your needs.

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