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The rock screen is working out great! I am totally satisfied with the engineering and build of the unit. The response from your company was quick and professional along with the delivery date to our quarry was on time as promised . I highly recommend your product and your company to anyone in the industry. Thanks again! Have a great weekend Summer is finally here!



 It works very well and we would like to order one more, please send me a revised quotation for one more unit.



Chad Skelton

Fleet/Property Manager

St. Louis County Public Works

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Dear Sirs,

Rock-Tough makes an excellent product.

They are courteous and friendly to work with.

Their rock sifter has enabled us to separate the rock from the dirt so we are able to use the sifted dirt to shade our pipes. We are able to save our customers cost and have more profit.

This is also a green approach and helps reduce trucking costs pollution and waste.


I had my welders look at their pictures, they said they could not compete with the pricing even though they shipped the rock sifter about 1000 miles.


I would highly recommend this product.





L. Kevin Barr




​​​​​The rock screen is great.
Performing above and beyond

what I thought it would.
I have put some ridiculous size

material onto that screen and

it barely wore the paint off.
Very happy with the purchase.

Michael Tassinari

H&L Tassinari Builders

H&L Tassinari.gif

Mike Carlson             President/Owner

MikeCarlson Enterp.jpg

          I love that screen!!   

          I wish we would have bought one a long time ago.


                                                Walt Obrinske & Son Excavating


Greetings Rock Tough!








I want to take the time to acknowledge your product and one of your associates, Lori Boyle.  Lori exhibited outstanding customer service from the first time I spoke with her when inquiring about obtaining a new screener.  She patiently walked me through all the various products you offer to assure that I obtained the one that would meet my needs at my budget.  She is a knowledgeable, friendly, expedient, and effective sales force for your company!!  Kudos to Lori!


Additionally, the 12’ Midsize Adjustable Shift Bar Grizzly with 1” deck bar spacing self-cleaning screener is super tough and so easy to use.  I was in "AWE" the first time I used it and am still amazed!!  It is the best screener I have ever owned.  The adjustable bars give me lots of options and remove all the rocks from our packing sand.  It has made a whole new grade of topsoil for our company.  We now have unscreened, semi-screened, and very fine screened topsoil.  We also have gained  rip-rap product since it is not staying in the material.


My customers are all saying great things about the improvements in the materials we now provide.  I highly recommend this screener for any small excavation company looking to screen material.  This is a great plus for us!!!


Thank you so much!!!

Walt Obrinske and Son Excavating


Walter D. Obrinske, Sr.


Bottom-line, Rock Tough is a superior product and the service is equal.  Fits right in with my Cat equipment.

Thanks  again!


Stinnett Construction

We are very happy.  We do a lot of 2" pit run (Sandy for screening and packs for driveway base).  The adjustable screen separates rock but is mainly the pre-screen for topsoil. It saves a bunch of time and trouble with the bigger CEC screener.  Glad to have them.


Have a great weekend,

Suzanne Perry

Walter Huse Bulldozing

When we have loose material the screen works great but here in Kansas we

have a variety of soils with a high clay content, when these soils are

processed both the rocks and clumps of clay are pushed off so we try to

break up the clumps a bit more and run the soil again. This works pretty

well if we can keep the soil drier, even when we have to process the soil

twice the screen has saved us additional physical labor and man-hour's since

our only other method was by hand.


In this short amount of time and our challenges with soil types I already

feel that the Rock Screen has more than paid for itself.


​Jeffrey Fuller

Spills/Storage Tank Program Manager

US Army

We are very happy with the rock screen. We are processing various sizes of rock before sending them into a rock crusher – and it definitely speeds up the job.


Thanks for working with us.



Rita's Equipment Rental and Trash Disposal Inc.

Rita's Equip Logo.png

So far I have heard nothing but good about the screen, thanks to you and your team

for a great product!




Mike Schomer

Small Mine Development



The guys said it's working well.

They have changed the bars a couple times to get the ideal

size material for our application.


I'll send some pictures when I get up to the site.

Thank you for following up on our new screen.

Ed Perko 

Water Resources Supervisor

One Team One Mission

Pueblo Water


It's working great, no problems and an ease to clean.

It rained us out for the last 4 weeks but will go back at it soon.

Thank you and have a great day.


Steve Neilsen


Envirotech Drilling LLC

​I’ve ran a few buckets through it so far and it works just fine.  It is a well-made screen. 

Mike McKelvie

Sunriver Water LLC/Environmental LLC


Our unit showed up this morning and we could not be happier.  We look

forward to working with your group in the future.

David Miller


Northern Energy, Inc.

The Rock Screen is working very well. 

It is well built to withstand the oversized rock we are dumping through it. 

I would definitely recommend it to others.

Thank You

Brandon Gulley

Gulley Trucking

It is working great, and it was nice doing business with you. Thanks again


Tuolumne Utilities District
Dennis Hart

Tuolumne Utilities.png

We had good results with it and it performed as we had anticipated that it would.

John Hodum

Site Solutions




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