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If you have a question not addressed below please don't hesitate to contact us anytime.


Q. How do I know what size separator I need?  


The size and style of separator is determined by the type of material being processed, the grizzly bar spacing required and equipment being used. With the largest selection of rock separators available anywhere, Rock Tough's staff can help you choose a separator that's right for the job.

Q. How do I adjust the bar openings?  

Bar adjustments are made on-site using common hand or pneumatic tools. Remove the hold down bolts from the top and bottom of each bar, adjust the bars to the desired opening and replace the bolts. Average grizzly bar adjustment will take around 1 1/2 hours.


Q. How do I remove the fines from the clean out box?


Using the tractor's bucket enter the open end of the separator and remove the fine material and stock pile, or lift the separator leaving the fines in place and move the separator to a new location.


Q. How do I move the separator?  


All Rock Tough separators can be  safely and easily moved by entering the clean out (open end) and placing the top of the tractor bucket under the grizzly bar support, adjust the bucket to the deck bar angle and lift the separator. No special chains or slings required.


Q. Are there special height limitations when   

 transporting on the highway?  


The tallest separator in Rock Tough's inventory is 10 Ft. which can be moved with most goose neck, and tilt-bed trailers. When transporting by semi a step deck or low-boy trailer is required. Always check for special DOT height restrictions in your area before transporting.

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