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adjustable Grizzly bar
Adjustable Grizzly Bar System

Produce many products with a single separator.

Simply adjust the grizzly bar spacing to produce the material required, eliminating the need for expensive screen overlays or reducer faces for each product. 



rock release screen
Self Cleaning

We've all come across material that seems to get stuck in everything. When dealing with difficult material Rock Tough's Self Cleaning ROCK RELEASE keeps production rates up and the operator happy. Free trapped material by simply lifting the Rock Release Bar.

Available for all
Midsize Models

Grizzly bar support
Recessed Lower Grizzly
Bar Support

Any support beams between or directly under the grizzly bars will empede material flow and result in clogging and reduced production rates. Rock Tough's grizzly bar support is recessed below the grizzly bars, ensuring free flow of material down the screen face.

Flush cut Grizzly bars
Flush Cut Grizzly Bars

Catching the separator with the bucket or a tire is something we can all do without,  especially with large equipment.  With flush cut grizzly bars, cleaning can be performed safely and  efficiently  without worry.


recessed lower spanner beam
Recessed Lower Spanner

When larger grizzly bar openings are required Rock Tough's recessed lower spanner beam prevents damage as material moves off the screen deck. This option is available on our adjustable and fixed bar Extreme series separators.

Available For Extreme Rip Rap Models

Independent main frame
Independent Main Frame

A strong durable independent main frame is the foundation for any separator. Rock Tough's main frames are an independent stand-alone structure with amazing torsional stability. This is required to ensure years of trouble free grizzly bar adjustment and all around durability and performance.

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