Rip Rap Heavy Duty Adjustable Bar   

Adjustable from 1" to any opening required in 1" increments

Years of  proven performance operating in the industries most

demanding environments has put the RIP RAP in a class of it's own.

Available With Self Cleaning "ROCK RELEASE" Option

Rock Tough's RIP RAP class is the industries go to separator for heavy screening.

Rock Tough's Rip Rap class continues to set the standard in heavy screening. The proven durability,  performance, and versatility has made Rock Tough's Rip Rap class, the industries go to separator for heavy screening.  



  • Standard grizzly bar spacing 4" adjustable to any opening required in 1" increments

  • Smallest grizzly bar spacing 1"

  • Maximum recommended grizzly bar spacing 12"

  • Maximum recommended material size 36"

  • 14 Ft. - 17 Ft. - 20 Ft. Wide x 9 1/2 Ft. High x 7 Ft. Deep

  • Average weight depending on width and number of grizzly bars,  10,000 lb.


  • Self Cleaning Shift Bar

  • Heavy Duty Grizzly Bars

  • Screen Overlay

  • Deflector Plates

  • Spacer Box

  • Side Wings

  • Fixed Bar



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