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Fine tune your product to exactly what you need  without expensive reducer faces or screen overlays.           Landscapers, site developers, utilities and homeowners turn to this Light Duty Adjustable Bar Separator offering  grizzly bar adjustments in 3/4” increments.  Operators can fine tune their product to exactly what they require, eliminating the need for expensive screen overlays or reducer faces for every product size.



  • Standard grizzly bar spacing 2 1/4" adjustable to any opening required in 3/4" increments

  • Smallest grizzly bar spacing 3/4"

  • Maximum recommended grizzly bar spacing 6"

  • Maximum recommended material size 12"

  • 8 Ft. Wide x 7 Ft. High x 5 Ft. Deep

  • Average weight depending on number of grizzly bars 1600 lbs.


  • Heavy Duty Grizzly Bars

  • Screen Overlay

  • Side Wings

  • Fixed Bar


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